On this site since January 2007 the beginning is given to information resource, devoted to a statement of results of my analysis of inherent technical features of 3D displays based on principles of general physics and information theory. The page NEWS OF THE RESEARCH informs on all news of the resource theme.
   The main purpose of investigation. The systematic investigation of 3D imaging methods and technology on base of general physics and information theory is actual now because of several reasons. First, there are some new 3D imaging systems that can't be classified in the existing terms of stereoscopic, volumetric and holographic displays. So I decide to appply general physics criteria to develop general physical classification of all 3D displays, existing and future ones.
   Second, such classification allows to avoid serious errors in evaluation of true possibilities of various 3D imaging methods. For example, it is obvious that the possible user of holographic display always expects that this display gives holographic image. But I see that there are many articles and patents which describe holographic displays... WITHOUT holographic image ! So it is necessary to have apparent criteria to dustinguish TRUE holographic display (I give such name to such ones giving holographic image) from other ones equipped with holograms with the various other purposes. Indeed, in my classification all true holographic displays are placed in another class in compare with such "equipped-with-holograms" displays.
   Third, I am convinced, now nobody knows (for the reasons pointed in the scketch) how to make close to ideal 3D display, i.e. 3D display with imaging charactristics suitable for the most voloume imaging tasks, without causing the fatigue of eyes, with panoramic view without special aids of viewing and with full freedom for the movement of the obser, with suitable price as well for persons as for organizations. Now it is possible to make 3D displays only with various serious limits. But there is nothing impossible for the reseacher, besides a violation of physics laws, and I am sure that only systematic work on fundamental level of physics and information theory will give the solving contribution (including may be also the changing of human understanding of real physical laws if nothing else to be done).

    For example, quantum mechanics appears as a necessity to explain some physical events because it was impossible to explain these events form position of classic physics which allows to use only deterministic functions and continious changing of energy for descriftion the physical events. Quantunm mechatices postulated the necessity of considering the occational events and discrete portions of energy (quants) on the definite level of the matter consideration. But if the occational events are in the base of the world why it is still steady ? It is accepted to describe the statistics of the world nevetheless by the deterministic functions (probabilty functions).
   if to take into account the severity of existiong limitations preventing of ideal 3D display creation, it is not excluded, it will be necessary to make it almosr oat level of tramsition from classic physics to quantum mechanics. So to be ready to response on such level of challenge (to whom it will be under force) it is necessary to understand better fundamental limitations of all 3D displays.
   Of course, each current fundamental level of nature understanding has own limitations and contradictions. For example, in quantum mechanics it is postulated that Schredinger function describes correcty the behaviour of micro particle as a probabilty of appearing this particle in definite space point. But such fuction is indefinite in space so it allows to know the behaviour of the particle in any point of space even on infinity. But it contadicts with the principle of finite speed of any signal.
   So it is necessary to use permanently nonperfect theories to make ideal 3D diaplay... But such object is worth to be achived in any case because tridimensionality is the only fundamental imaging parameter that still not mastered by mass-production displays after the era of development of full color such ones. So sooner or later it will be done, better as soon as possible. The final purpose of my investigation is to help to promote this process by the global brainstorming in pphysical terms.
   The permanent internet-publication of the results of this research can help reseachers (especially - joung ones) to make their own investigations on 3D imaging starting from the very beginning - physical laws.
    It is important that SOMETIMES it is necessary to start own developments WITHOUT preliminary review of the existiong methods and devices because the reading of extraneous texts during such periods of thinking can prevent the occurance of own ideas. But such period can't last infinetly... It is impossible to refuse from reading of extraneous texts at all because in such case, firstly, the investigator is not able to know it are his ideas new or not, secondly, it would be necessary to inform other researhes about the results of owm investigations in the clear terms undertandable for all. Even cardinally new idea or theory must have the sequences smoothly passing in previous theories or ideas. The continiouty of terminology is important for succesfull mutual changing the ideas. If one researcher uses one set of terms but another resercher intentionally uses another one in order not to understand him - there is an endless jugling the terms that is feavorably only for those persons which want to present their results as more powerful n compare with real value.
   Such situation is hardly appeared if all investigators have the common base to understand any 3D display design. The physical criteria are the suitable common "language" because of their objective character (not depending on the "tastes" of investigators) and physics disciplines the thinking process. So it is very useful to alternate own recearches with deep physical understanding if possible the results of all other researches.
   At last, to my opinion for those who scornfully to concern technics designing it is better not to deal with 3D displays because there is no in this sphere the apparent division into the theory and practice. I an convinced that the main for researcher is the development of own physical intuition allowing to give new physical ideas in connection with their effective technical realization. For an illustration of the approach to designing 3d displays proceeding from principles of physics and information theory the author refers to the site page devouted to own recent publications in this sphere.


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